Bye, 16GB! Wall Street Journal states that incoming iPhone 7 will have 32GB

Hallelujah, let's go!

In an article published today in Wall street journalJoanna Stern “answers” ​​a question that always comes up at this time of year: when will the new iPhone be released? Although she does not know the exact answer, it is not a difficult task to look back and, on that basis, risk when the iPhone 7 reach the market.

Designing the iPhone 7 Release

In addition to giving her opinion (Stern does not recommend anyone to buy a new iPhone right now because of the proximity of the release, because we are getting more and more with our current devices, among other things), she listed all the alleged news of Apple's future release, which include a slightly refined design (with less thick and sturdy antenna / stripe redesign or even waterproof), new cameras (while the 4.7 ″ model gets a better sensor, the 5.5 ″ would have two rear cameras), 3.5mm input jack for headphones, etc. Until, nothing new.

IPhone 7 Blueprint

But what caught our attention was the "confirmation" (at least according to the sources of Stern and WSJ) that the iPhone 7 finally sets aside the 16GB model, replacing it with the 32GB! Obviously, we don't need to talk about how significant this is for iPhone customers and users in 4K resolution video times, Live Photos, among other features that require reasonable storage capacity for fun.

Remember that such a rumor is not new and has already been fanned by some sources (such as a Chinese vehicle). Coming from Wall street journalBut the news is quite likely to be true.

It took, but it looks like now it goes! 🙏🏼