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By surprise, Newton Mail and Calendar return to the App Store

If you used Newton Mail on iOS / macOS remember that last August we commented on the end of service activities due to competition from other apps (such as Outlook and Gmail) that are free and offer basically Not all the same functions, of course, otherwise it would make sense to pay for an email client.

Now, the service has returned the App Store and Mac App Store by surprise along with the Newton Calendar. For the happiness of those who already used the service, simply enter with your registered account; New users can sign up from their Google / Gmail, Office 365, Outlook or iCloud accounts and enjoy 14 free days.

In addition, the annual subscription fee has also been reduced. Previously, Newton subscribers paid $ 100 for the service; Now, this value of $ 185. CloudMagic, the app developer, celebrated the return of activities in the changelog of the new version of the app on the App Store.

Some still believe that paying for an email client is unnecessary, especially if there are great free solutions available. However, Newton Mail offers a number of features that enhance user experience and productivity, especially for those with multiple email accounts; To know some of Newton Mail's main functions, check out our review of the app.

Newton for macOS, meanwhile, was also updated during downtime. According to CloudMagic, some details of the app interface have been improved, in addition to the traditional bug fixes.

Unlike Mail, the Newton Calendar app has no built-in purchase / subscription and also offers some special functions, such as notification of delays or event cancellations (however, it only works with Google and Exchange accounts).

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