By surprise, Apple updates MacBook Pro processors and prices with Retina display [atualizado]

Apple has just announced, via a press release, that it has updated both processors and prices for MacBooks Pro with Retina display.

MacBooks Pro with Retina display

The 13-inch model and 128GB of storage (flash) now costs $ 1,500 off ($ 200 less); j the model above, with 256GB of storage, brings a new 2.6GHz Core i5 processor and costs US $ 1,700 (US $ 300 less). The 15-inch entry model now has a processor quad-core 2.4GHz while the top-of-the-line comes equipped with a quad-core 2.7GHz and 16GB RAM both cost the same as before: $ 2,200 and $ 2,800, respectively. Who also won a readjustment was the 13-inch MacBook Air with 256GB; it now costs $ 1,400.

In Brazil, the "new" machines are already on sale at the Apple Online Store (with deadlines for leaving the warehouse between two and three weeks) and also bring the adjustment! Check out the new price grid:

  • 2.5GHz MacBook Pro Retina 13 ‚Ä≥: R $ 6,000 (R $ 1,000 less);
  • 2.6GHz MacBook Pro Retina 13 ‚Ä≥: R $ 7,000 (R $ 1,300 less);
  • 2.4GHz MacBook Pro Retina 15 ‚Ä≥: R $ 10,000 (same price);
  • 2.7 GHz MacBook Pro Retina 15 ‚Ä≥: R $ 12,600 (same price);
  • MacBook Air 13 ‚Ä≥ with 256GB: R $ 5,800 (R $ 300 less).

Prices here are still expensive, but this reduction is still a good surprise.


Unfortunately, not everything is cause for celebration. According to our chart, some Macs have risen in price. Just them:

  • 64GB MacBook Air 11 ‚Ä≥: R $ 4,100 (R $ 400 more);
  • 128GB MacBook Air 11 ‚Ä≥: R $ 4,500 (R $ 500 more);
  • 2.5GHz MacBook Pro 13 ‚Ä≥: R $ 4,800 (R $ 800 more).

It is also worth noting that the old top-of-the-line model of the 15-inch MacBook Pro (without Retina) is no longer on the market. All other Macs (Macs mini, iMacs and Macs Pro) remain at the same prices.