Buy Mac apps like Fantastical 2 and PDF Expert for only $ 22.50!

This week we have released two great app packages. For now we have one more for you, who loves to buy apps with unimaginable discounts.

The ball of the “The Epic Mac Bundle Ft. Fantastical 2 & PDF Expert”, from StackSocial. I could tell, right? These are two applications highlighted in the name of the bundle Already worth the price. This is because, loosely, the Fantastical 2 costs $ 50 (or $ 190) and the PDF Expert, $ 80 (or $ 200). Buying the StackSocial package, but you only pay $ 30!

But take it easy: using the promotional code DOWNLOADIT, the package comes out for $ 22.50!

Of course, we're not just talking about these two apps. O bundle composed of the following applications: Flux 7 (site creation tool), Page 8 (task Manager), Command-Tab Plus (utility), iStat Menus 6 (Mac / system info), iLocker Pro (protection for your apps and data) and Ultdata Recovery (to recover deleted files).

Take advantage of the great offer and get these apps soon for an unbeatable price!