Buy apps like Parallels Desktop, 1Password, Pocket Premium, Gemini 2, Aurora HDR 2018 and more for little money!

If you need to run Windows on a Mac (for whatever reason), Parallels is a great option. The famous virtualizer is in its 14th version, which has come packed with news. And now, if you needed one more incentive to buy the software, here it goes!

Mega Mac App Bundle

When you purchase the software or upgrade it (if you have an older version of it), you also get the Mega Mac App Bundle. And don't think any app bundle, no. See what software is included in addition to Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac itself: 1Password, Pocket Premium, Painter Essentials 6, Acronis True Image 2019, Cyber ​​Protection Premium, PDF Expert, WinZip Mac 6.5 Pro, Parallels Toolbox, Parallels Access, TrackOFF and Cylance Smart Antivirus.

In total, the package is worth more than $ 550, but you get it all for $ 80 (purchase) or $ 50 (upgrade). 😉


For those who did not like the composition of the package above, here is another great option, the BundleHunt!


The really cool scheme: You basically build the package you want, with up to 45 options between apps and online courses. The minimum value to unlock the bundle $ 5; If you take all 45 options, you pay $ 121.50 and save “only” $ 2,299.23. 😝

Hardly any will take the whole package home, but there are great options there for very inviting prices, like Gemini 2 ($ 19.95 for $ 3), Aurora HDR 2018 ($ 99 for $ 4), Fastest VPN (plan $ 29.95 for $ 5) and more.

Enjoy these two amazing offers!

tip of Douglas Braatz de Souza It's from Alessandro Cammilo