Buy 8 great Mac apps - which together cost $ 470 - for just $ 40!

Buy 8 great Mac apps – which together cost $ 470 – for just $ 40!

This is the kind of promotion that does not paint for every day.

StackSocial Bundle

Our StackSocial partners put together an OS X application package to make anyone else's envy, since only one of these apps ever participated in a bundle in the past.

  1. ScreenFlow 5 ($ 100): one of the best screen recording tools for Mac. Version 5 was never in a package and was released last October.
  2. Things 2 ($ 50): the app was never part of a bundle before and immensely popular considered “essential” by the editors of the Mac App Store.
  3. Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth ($ 50): new part of this legendary series.
  4. ProSoft Data Rescue 4 (US $ 100): absolute market leader in its category. Version 4 was released in September 2014.
  5. ExpanDrive 4 ($ 50): great utility version 4 is relatively new and never participated in a bundle before.
  6. AfterShot Pro 2 ($ 80): great photo editor.
  7. Typed ($ 25): incredible Markdown editor which has just been released.
  8. Snapselect ($ 15): the latest photo app from the famous developer MacPhun.

that old story: it is often enough to be interested in an app and the whole package is already worthwhile. In this case, 6 out of 8 apps cost more than the $ 45 charged!

Readers of MacMagazineHowever, they still have a $ 5 discount coupon! Just enter the code ULTRAMAC5 when making the purchase.

The promotion will stay on the air for another 6 days, so good to run and enjoy soon!

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