«Bunch» of Portuguese robots on the RoboCup podium

"Bunch" of Portuguese robots on the RoboCup podium

After gold among the youngest, bronze in robotic football of the «big ones».

Cambada has just won third place in the medium robot league at RoboCup 2010, the world championship that took place this week in Singapore.

The team, composed of students, teachers and researchers from the University of Aveiro and the Institute of Electronic and Telematics Engineering, won by 8 goals to 1 in the last match, against the Iranian MRL, bringing bronze to Portugal.

This is the third consecutive year that Cambada (Cooperative Autonomous Mobile roBots with Advanced Distributed Architecture) climbs to the third place on the podium of the World Robotic Football Championship, a title it accumulates with that of national champion.

The table has yet another national participation, in eighth place of the IsePorto Team, from the Autonomous Systems Laboratory of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto.

The league of medium robots this year had ten teams from the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, China, Iran and Portugal.

China’s Water team is the new world champion, with silver from Dutch Tech United Eindhoven.

In this modality, the soccer robots face each other in a field of 18 meters by 12, in teams consisting of up to 5 machines – with a limit height of 80 centimeters and a weight not exceeding 40 kilos.

The machines are fully autonomous and make all game decisions based on the information that is collected by your sensory system and processed by the robots’ software.

The images of the Portuguese representatives can be seen in an article that TeK published last week.