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Bumble – How does it work? How to download? How much? Functions and Evaluation

There are currently several dating apps, but Bumble is different. This app for dating, friendship and even networking. The application is a direct competitor of Tinder and was developed by former employees of the company. The great differential, that women have all the control in their hands. This was designed to alleviate or even prevent harassment.

The idea and the interface is very similar to Tinder, however, if you roll the match, only the woman can call. And if she doesn't do it in 24 hours, the combination will simply disappear. The app was created in December 2014 and currently has over 10 million downloads. Learn more about how Bumble works, its advantages and disadvantages.

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How does Bumble work?

Like its main competitor, Bumble uses Facebook data to create its account. After downloading and installing on your smartphone, register very quickly! The app will automatically select your photos, so it is interesting to take a look and make the necessary changes to your profile. This will help attract more potential contacts!

The operation of Bumble is quite similar to other dating apps. Appear on the profiles screen and you should evaluate, throwing left who does not want and right the people who would like to chat and know better.

Before deciding whether the candidate goes left or right, you can open the profile to see some details, such as more photos and even mutual friends. If the person really likes it, send it to the right! The profile goes to your hive, and only the woman can start the chat. If she doesn't do it in 24 hours, the profile will come out of her hive.

There is quite interesting information on the profile of users. You need to discriminate what you are looking for: a dating? A date? New friendships? This will help you connect with people who are looking for the same as you.

Through chat, users can chat and get to know each other, maybe roll to a date. In chat there are some features already known in other messengers, such as sending images and GIF.

Overall, the application has a very nice and intuitive interface. It's very easy to use, even if you don't have a lot of technology skills.

But what if the interest is in same-sex people?

In this case, the rule that only women have control does not apply. For same-sex users, either party can start the conversation.

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Bumble Fun

Bumble's main function is to relate to other people, regardless of their interest (dating, casual, networking or just friendship). Another advantage of this application is that it can tell the profile what you want: a serious relationship, something casual, friendship or networking. That way, people know what to expect if they start talking to you.


Bumble is a relationship app very similar to its competitors, the big differential that totally controls the woman. However, according to reviews, it proves to be quite interesting. See the pros and cons:

Pros / Advantages

Cons / Disadvantages

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How much?

To get started on Bumble, you don't have to pay anything at all. Download and create your profile completely free. However, you can subscribe monthly and have access to other subscriber-only features.

How to download?

Download and install Bumble very simple! The dating, dating and networking app is available for Android and iOS devices. So just go to your mobile device store and type Bumble in the search. By clicking on the desired option you will be redirected to the app page where you can see all the information regarding the app.

Click install and wait for the download and installation process to complete. That done, make your registration and have fun!