Bug on some iPhones X is preventing users from answering calls; Apple is already investigating

Another day, another bug. As the Financial Times, an increasing number of users of the iPhone X he is reporting a device failure related to receiving calls that, in extreme cases, prevents them from even answering calls as a whole.

According to reports, the iPhone starts to call / vibrate normally with the receipt of the call, but the screen of the device does not light up immediately in this way, it is impossible to access the buttons to accept or refuse the call. Affected users claim that the screen can take 10 seconds or even longer to light up, causing multiple calls to be even lost.

Hundreds of users are already reporting the issue on Apple's official support forums, and some (not all) members of the Apple team they also claimed to suffer from the same bug.

One of the owners of iPhones X who went to Ma's forums said that a restoration of the device solved the issue only for a few days, then came back; another took his smartphone to an Apple store and, under warranty, the device changed the problem that the new unit also exhibited the same behavior.

It is still not possible to say whether the problem is a software failure or related to the device's own hardware; a sign that we may be dealing with the second option that, in addition to this issue, users are also noticing a failure in the proximity sensor of the device when moving the iPhone X away from the ear during or after the call, the screen takes a long time or even does not light up , as it should.

Apple told the Financial Times who is investigating the problem, but has not offered more details about it so we will still have to wait a little while to find out about the whole issue.

Now, with you: Has anyone been affected by the behavior? Share your experiences below.

via 9to5Mac