Bug in Instagram app missing options to add more accounts and log out for some users [atualizado 2x]

Bug in Instagram app missing options to add more accounts and log out for some users [atualizado 2x]

Bugs as if the activation problem on older devices and the one related to links (both affecting iOS 9.3) were not enough, now there are some users of the app Instagram who are suffering.

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Yesterday, the app got an update (7.19) with no news, since the release note is exactly the same as the last four versions. However, several users are complaining that, from one moment to the next, the option to add new accounts has disappeared as well as the action of logout.

The possibility of managing up to five accounts is a very recent novelty, so there is no other explanation for the problem but to be a bug even more if we think about the lack of the option to logout, something that doesn’t make any sense to simply “disappear” from the app. There is not much to do other than wait for the company to update the application again or remotely fix the failure, if that is possible.

But users of the network don't even live on bad news.

Soon, as Instagram itself reported, it will be possible to publish videos of up to 60 seconds on the network, currently the limit of 15 seconds.

In addition, iPhone users will have the option of creating a video with multiple clips stored on the Camera Roll.

We are listening and we assure you that nothing changes in your feed now. We promise that you will know when these changes are widely spread.

To top it off, the unwanted change in timeline Instagram (sorted by relevance instead of chronological) was for later. 🙂

Update · 3/29/2016 s 17:54


Instagram confirmed that it is aware of the problem and is working to fix everything.

Update II · 03/30/2016 s 15:53

The new version of the app (7.19.1), released today, corrects the problem described above.

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