Changing Adobe Premiere CC preferences to prevent Mac speakers from being blown out

Bug in Adobe Premiere Pro CC can “pop” MacBooks Pro speakers

Software bug is quite common. But one that ends up damaging something physical … well, that’s another story. And, according to several reports both in the discussion forum of the Adobe as in social networks, a problem in Premiere Pro CC (video editing software) is “popping” MacBooks Pro speakers. ?

The first account – which gave rise to the others – was published last November, by andripeetso. He stated that he was working on his new 15 ″ MacBook Pro (with only two months of use), with the volume at half the power, when suddenly the bug manifested itself with a very high-pitched noise and that simply would not let it pause. When it finally stopped, the speakers were muted; when restarting the Mac, he then found that the sound was completely blown.

Initially, he thought it was a hardware problem (from Apple), but a day later the same thing happened with the Sony 1000X-M3 headphones – luckily, the headphones went back to normal after the problem manifested itself. But that, of course, clicked andripeetso, as it could no longer be restricted to MBP speakers.

After this report, several others also appeared on the Adobe forum; after the matter of 9to5Mac, so many others appeared on social networks, indicating that it is not something specific, that it happened with only one or two people. Apparently, the problem occurs when using an Adobe Premiere Pro CC audio enhancement tool, such as one to clear the sound or another that improves speech.

According to an Adobe representative, one way to avoid the problem is to make sure the microphone is turned off when using these tools – to do this, go to Preferences »Audio hardware» Standard input »No input.

Changing Adobe Premiere CC preferences to prevent Mac speakers from being blown out

Such a measure suggests that the microphone may be picking up the speaker output and amplifying everything, causing the problem. Obviously, such behavior should not happen and Adobe urgently needs to fix this.

To those interested, the video below shows the problem. But be careful: if play, turn the volume on your computer or your phone to a minimum!

May everything be resolved as soon as possible!