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Have you ever had that day when you have the feeling that your bookshelves, paintings, or everything that is nailed to the walls of your house actually have a tendency to be crooked? You ask yourself: Is it that I'm seeing things or never realized that I can't nail things to the wall without bending them? In fact, keeping everything straight with the naked eye is not the easiest task. And to solve this problem, of course, there's an app we're going to talk about today. Keep reading our review today and find out what Bubble can do to get everything right on the walls of your home or office.

Functions & Usage

How much can Bubble do to solve the problem described above? Bubble is actually a bubble level app. Even just start it that the bubble level is already displayed. The aesthetics of the minimalist app, with very effective graphics and a screen where you simply display the level, the slope and its respective angle. This is calculated according to the direction and position of your mobile device. That is, tilting it to 90, the same will happen with the bubble.

To check for a smooth surface, just rest your device on some surface. If the reference bubble goes to the center of the level, it means the surface is smooth. This is an important check to make depending on the kind of thing you want to fix or mount.

Among so many options, there is a flashlight, as well as audio notifications and even vibration function to indicate when the perfect level has been reached. Not to mention that you can choose a function from which your device announces speaker angle values. You just have to touch the screen to view the angle.

Conclusion: Bubble is a very useful tool for those who are building a new apartment or decorating a room or any other room. Of course it is not the apps to be used as a game or any other utility, but it may come in handy when you do not have a level of truth, that is, not virtual, in hands.

Screen & Controls

Handling the Bubble thing for kids is super easy. The air level displayed from the moment the app is launched. There is an option to calibrate the level. Simply place your device on a smooth surface and click Calibrate in the menu. The calibration is so good that if its walls are crooked, even shelves can be fixed.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Bubble needs and responds quickly to changes in position, especially if they are made slowly.

Price / Performance Ratio

You can download Bubble at no cost from the Google store.