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BS2 Digital Application Bank – How Does it Work? How to download? Evaluation

Everyone likes ease and paying little. Or better yet, without paying anything. Banco BS2 Digital has been in the market since 1992. However, until 2017 it was known as Banco Bonsucesso. H two he evolved and was born the BS2 Digital Bank.

It is a hub for financial and digital services. As with other digital banks, there is no charge for account maintenance fees. In addition to the personal account, it also offers solutions for companies. Learn more about how the BS2 Digital Bank application works.

BS2 Bank

How the BS2 Digital Bank application works

BS2 Digital Bank is much more than just a digital bank, a solution to take care of your money. The application is for managing, caring for and making investments. The services offered are:

  • Checking account;
  • Exchange;
  • Investment;
  • Credit.

suitable for those who want to start saving money or investing safely. With the application and account already open, the user can perform all transactions that a traditional bank offers, such as transfer, payment of bills, debit card and even the generation of slips.

To have it all in your hands and pay nothing for it, just download the BS2 Digital Bank app and open your account. All done online.

Rating: Advantages and Disadvantages

With over 25 years of history and knowledge, a reliable bank. Broadly, the evaluations are positive, but there are minor flaws and points worth mentioning. To test if really good, I need to test.

In the Play Store the app rating of 4.1 stars. In the 4.5 star Apple Store.

In both, the ratings are good and positive. But a lot of people say there are still some details that can be optimized. For example, download the transaction vouchers in PDF.

However, an app that demonstrates a lot of quality and who uses the BS2 Digital Bank is approving.

BS2 Bank

Application Information

It's a pretty easy app to install and move. Despite being the same for Android and iOS, there are some minor differences in size.

The size of the iOS app is 117.5MB. Requires iOS 11.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Free download and installation.

For Android, the app size is 52M and requires Android 5.0 or higher. Free download and installation.

How to download and install?

Download and install the simple BS2 Digital Bank app. Just have internet connection and a compatible smartphone, can be Android or iOS. Open the app store on your device (Play Store or Apple Store) and look for BS2 Bank. Click on the option provided by ?Banco BS2 SA?.

Open a page with more information and details, as well as reviews from other users. You can check it all over again or click Install. Awaiting download completion. The installation will happen automatically.

download from play store

download from apple store

How to open a BS2 Digital Bank account

This step is also very simple and easy! But before you get your ID or CNH, as well as the document numbers you will need to take a photo with your document. This is done to prove that you are a security measure. This image will not be released, ok?

With the documents in hand and the app installed, open it. Click on "Open your BS2 Account." Click "Continue" and then "Start." Fill in all the registration details and follow the directions that will appear on your screen.

If everything is correct, after completing this registration, you can use your account!

How to use BS2 Digital Bank account?

You can use all the tools of your account right in the app. Just open and login. Another possibility to use the account in your computer's browser. To do this go to the website and click on "Login Account".

Remember that with a BS2 Digital Bank account, you have the right:

  • Opening of current account and investment account;
  • Account maintenance;
  • Withdraw at Banco24Horas;
  • Issuance of boleto;
  • Transfer between BS2 Bank accounts and to other banks.

All without paying any fees or tariffs. Really cool, anyway? Download it for free and check it out!