Brydge Pro +, keyboard for iPad Pro

Brydge announces separate trackpad and new keyboard for iPad Pro

THE Brydge already has the habit of announcing new accessories for iPad Pro during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES); last year, for example, the manufacturer introduced a keyboard for Apple tablets that received much praise.

Now, the company is back with two new features – an update and an entirely new creation.

Brydge Pro +

The first novelty is the Brydge Pro +, an upgrade of your keyboard for iPad Pro with a crucial addition: a trackpad to call yours, which takes advantage of support for controls like iPadOS 13.

Brydge Pro +, keyboard for iPad Pro

The accessory will have a space gray aluminum finish to match the tablets, and the trackpad will have special functions integrated with the system: you can recall the dock by tapping with two fingers or access the Exposé touching the surface with three fingers, for example. In addition, the keyboard has backlit keys (adjustable brightness) and specific buttons for controlling the iPadOS.

The accessory will be launched next March and will $ 200 (for the 11-inch iPad Pro) or $ 230 (for the 12.9 inch); the pre-order is not yet open, but you can register on the manufacturer’s website to receive an email when this happens.

Single trackpad for iPads

Brydge’s second creation is a single trackpad for iPads, which connects to the tablet via Bluetooth and has a design very similar to that of the Magic Trackpad, glass surface and everything.

It is certainly a product aimed at a specific niche of people – most of us will not see much use in an accessory that simply replicates the action of your finger on an external device, but the creation could be useful for people with mobility problems or some categories of professionals.

Unlike Brydge Pro +, the manufacturer’s trackpad has no price or release date yet. We, of course, will be attentive.

via Six Colors