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Browsing the Deep Web with Tails Linux

A Linux distro for Onion network browsing

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The fact is that the Deep Web is part of an "ocean called the Internet" that is not fully exploited by everyone and those who are there normally do not want their information to be seen, some really are not worth seeing at all, some more radical say that Deep Web "Concentration of what is worst in human existence", but that is overkill, there are also many useful things and knowledge you would probably not find on Surface, as it is called the conventional Internet indexed by search engines like Google.

The Safest Way to Surf the Deep Web Using Linux

Windows is very vulnerable to pest attacks, even if it is equipped with a good anti-virus, so Linux solidity is the best platform for navigating these "tortuous seas" of the Deep Web.

Of course no system totally immune to virtual pests, including Linux, and if there is a place where the possibility of your Linux being hit even more precisely on the Deep Web, so always beware and h Linux that saves you from accessing inappropriate content if You will exit by clicking anywhere.

Tails, the Deep Web Ready Linux System

Sonic Tails O Tails Linux a Linux operating system based on Debian 6 (Currently) and which is meant to be your system for accessing the Deep Web, it already has security tools for the TOR browser already properly configured with IceWeasel and even an E client. Anonymous email that you can use to sign up for Deep Web forums since conventional email doesn't work. Hidden Wiki to Deep Web Wikipedia

Tails, distro named after Sonic's friend, made to run as a Live CD or LivePenDrive, LiveSD or whatever, but you can also install it on HD.


Particularly I found another solution, using it via VirtualBox, so you do not affect your system at all and still do not need a media or USB stick to use it, the only advantage of actually having a removable media can use on any computer that you will use.

Tails Linux Download

Tails Linux has about 800 MB and three other tools with it that have nothing to do with anonymous browsing like GIMP.

See you next time!

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