BrowserHub makes using multiple browsers on the Mac much more enjoyable and practical

You hardly ever have a browser installed on the Mac. Whether for reasons of website compatibility (banks, mainly), spurious use of the Flash Player plugin or any other reason, sometimes we need to switch between more than one. If you work with design for the web, then don't even mention it.

Today, we are launching a new utility for Mac that promises to make the use of multiple browsers on Mac much more pleasant and practical. The BrowserHub, created by the Brazilian Guilherme Rambo.

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With it, it is very easy to change the default browser on OS X, point any link to the browser of your choice (by clicking on it holding the key) or create certain smart filters, such as “Always open YouTube links in Google Chrome”.

Watch a promotional video:

The normal price for BrowserHub will be $ 15, but it is available promotionally on the Mac App Store for $ 10. Better yet: for Brazilians, accessing his website and clicking "Buy Now" a second discount is applied and the utility costs only $ 5. Anyone can download a version trial before hitting the hammer.

A few months ago we even gave the tip of Browser Fairy here on the site too, but BrowserHub is certainly more complete and elegant.

Promoo-relmpago: compete for 3 promo codes of the app!

To win promotional codes from BrowserHub, just be one of the 3 (three) first to say in the comments below what is the name of the famous Hollywood actor who plays a character homonymous to the surname of the app developer. 😝 We will send your promo codes through the emails registered at Disqus.

If you are one of the winners, to redeem your code just click here.

Good luck!

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