Screenshot do app Shut Up: Comment Blocker

Browse the web without seeing comments with Shut Up for iOS 9

One of the novelties brought to Safari from iOS 9 are the so-called content blockers (content blockers), which so far have only focused on stopping advertisements on the web and, as such, do not have our support. But yesterday, one came up with a very interesting proposal: hide comments on websites.

The Shut Up, developed by Richard Romero based on the work of Steven Frank.

Shut Up: Comment Blocker app icon

Few website readers actively participate in comments, but many like to just follow them by reading. Still, there are a lot of people who don't even do that and would certainly benefit from browsing a little faster without Safari having to load the comment area. That's what Shut Up does.

The cool thing is that, in his settings, you can still if you want to list some sites that you want to keep following comments. In other words, it starts to hide from everyone, except those you define.

That simple. And for free!

(via MacStories)