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Do you want to feel like an engineer for a moment, designing and building bridges that ease the way for those who need to cross rivers and ravines? Well, if you did not imagine that one day it would at least be possible to simulate this situation, then Bridge Constructor has come to this from imagination to reality. The app makes you a virtual engineer.

Functions & Usage

The introduction describes the purpose of Bridge Builder very well. It is about bridging from point A to point B according to the specific assumption. There are different materials available such as wood, ropes, pillars, steel. You will have to combine them for the purpose of building a stable and secure bridge.

Before starting the game, there is a clear and concise explanation of how to play. The game always develops the same way. This can be taken as a negative element. However, just remember that Angry Birds is also repetitive, but it is still a big hit.

The difficulty increases at each level, which makes the game even more interesting. At first you only have a few wooden boards to build a bridge, but things get complicated. From there, you have to beat the laws of physics and make your building not crumble with the weight of the cars.

The goal of each level is to get both cars and trucks to cross the bridge. The trucks are the ones that give you bonus points. If you use cheap materials or can still save something, it will also earn you extra points.

The app allows you to share your best score on OpenFeint as well as on Facebook, but unlike other apps, sharing on Face is entirely optional.

Conclusion:In general, here we put our reviews on a certain app. Today, however, we will reserve this space to make app developers suggestions. For example, upcoming versions could have a timer to further complicate the player's life. Or the possibility to choose at what level to play. Bridge Constructor is a lot of fun, but it would be interesting to download the free version to buy the paid app after testing.

Screen & Controls

Bridge Constructor attaches great importance to graphics. It looks nothing like a kids building game. The landscape changes at every level and the details have been very well done. Regarding the game controls, we have to make a little criticism, since when you want to put a piece in a certain place, the game often does not recognize, which makes it a bit frustrating. This ends up altering the pace of the game.

Speed ​​& Stability

Bridge Constructor load time is a bit long. But do not despair. We thought at first that it could be a problem with One X, but the same thing happened on other devices, like S2 ​​or Sensation. The game is nonetheless stable. He didn't show any interruptions during our test battery.

Price / Performance Ratio

Bridge Constructor has been voted our app of the week. His usual price is 1.79 (about $ 4.50), but he's coming out at 0.89 ($ 1.25): a bargain, especially for those who love puzzles.

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