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Brazilian VPN Offers Web Security and Anonymity

The use of a VPN It doesn't have to be complicated, much less focused on a specific audience. I say this because anyone can safely browse the web, and it's the easiest way to do it (especially on mobile platforms) through VPN software.

Among the dozens of options available on the App Store, specifically the Brazilian app Spod offers web security and anonymity just right. Rather than creating a private network connection between your device and online servers, the app also protects users from various types of trackers and threats by using it. Web filter.

Spod app

In addition, all private network communication encrypted from the AES-256 method that limits the attack by malware such as phishing.

As with other VPN apps, Spod also offers users the ability to choose from servers in other regions. More than safeguarding the user's privacy on the web, the app also has no interest in identifying it, so Spod can be used without any registration: just download and use.

The app offers a 30 day trial period; After that, you can choose between monthly ($ 38) or annual ($ 380) subscription.

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