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Brazilian operators are changing mobile internet pricing

At Brazilian operators are finalizing a project to change the way charging for mobile internet in the country The companies intend to adopt the method applied in several countries in Europe and the United States, where after the franchise expires the user can no longer navigate at reduced speed.

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Mobile internet charge change in November. / AndroidPIT
<p>In November <strong>Alive</strong> should be the first to adhere to this new charging model, which already has an impact on the market due to its high number of active customers, currently around 79 million. At first, only the company's prepaid customers will notice the change, which after reaching the limit of the contracted package will have their connection severed if they do not opt ​​for an additional package. Vivo sells the R $ 6.90 package with 75MB valid for 30 days, and if the package exceeds, the user may opt for another 50MB valid for another 7 days with the value of R $ 2.99. As compared to AT&T, a US carrier, a 2GB package costs $ 60 ($ 146.14) valid for 30 days, the additional 1GB package for use after the franchise ends is $ 15 ($ 36). , 54).</p><div class=

For experts, operators should notify their customers at least 30 days before the changes, to soften breach of contracts and claims. The strategy intended by the operators foresees an increase in revenues generated by mobile telephony in the country, with Brazil being among the other countries with 29% of revenues, far from Japan which generates about 68%, followed by South Korea with 63%. %.

The cover, how is it?

Today when our speed slows, we navigate about one tenth of the total contracted, that is, plans of $ 0.60 per day that provide 10MB of data, are reduced to about 160 kbps. So far, no news. But in the American and European models that our competent operators want to follow, whether active or reduced franchise, the customer remains in the contracted mode, ie if the contracted package was 4G it remains 100% in LTE without changes to 3G or 2G. for lack of coverage, as occurs today.

It is natural for operators to opt for changes, given that prepaid customers have a cheaper offer and traffic more on the network for a lower investment in the month. But we will ensure the highest quality service before following standards that do not match the Brazilian reality.

How do you get these new changes? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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