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Brazilian iPhone runs on Android! AH! Kid!

My Skype did not stop flashing today, the reason was quite interesting, my coworkers sent, almost at the same time, a link from different electronic publications with the same subject: the Brazilian iPhone that runs Android. At first I thought it was a champion here of our forum, an xing-ling iPhone that sold with an even more xing-ling Android, but when I stopped to review the articles I found it to be an official Gradiente device.

According to the National Institute of Industrial Property (Inpi), IGB Eletrnica S.A. has proprietary use of the iPhone mark for mobile phones, provided it is used exactly as registered: G Gradiente iPhone. In a note the company says the use rights of the name

"Gradiente may market its iphone-branded mobile phones for a simple reason: IGB Eletrnica SA (Gradiente's corporate name), a publicly traded Brazilian company, successor to Gradiente SA, the sole owner of iphone registration rights in the He adds that "take all measures used by companies around the world to ensure the preservation of their intellectual property rights."

Neo One Gradient iPhone Specifications:

  • 3.7 inch screen
  • Android 2.3.4
  • 2GB memory card
  • Dual Sim Card
  • 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Gradiente Apps – App store with over 30,000 free and paid app options
  • Price: R $ 599,00

Last week, Apple began selling the iPhone 5 nationwide, and it certainly didn't have the same repercussions as Gradiente's iPhone outside the country. Let's say Neo One has earned some points in this regard, however, Apple has gone through similar situations in the past and came out on top.

If it wasn't for the name, Gradiente's iPhone would be far from Apple's flagship. However, this detail can bring headache to the apple company.

So, don't argue when anyone claims that an iPhone officially runs Google's operating system! I'm curious to see where this story goes and you?

Image: Gradient Smartphone

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