Brazilian government made 491 requests to Apple over 5,675 handsets in Q2 2018

Apple this week published its most recent Transparency Reportdetailing the device data access requests it received from governments, including the Brazil, in the period from July to December 2018.

Ma announced that it received 29,183 requests involving data from 213,737 devices all around the world. Of these, the company provided information to 22,691 requests; among the largest applicants are once again the Germany (12,343), followed by United States (4,680). In many cases, Apple said it provided this data to assist in investigations of stolen devices.

As for Brazil data, specifically, the Cupertino giant reported that it received 491 requests about information from 5,675 devicesfulfilling with 367 requests (75%). The number is lower than the previous half when Apple received 407 orders and fulfilled 85% of them.

Among these, Ma delivered information from 249 account requests (such as Apple ID) that were being investigated on suspected fraud; 4 requests related to financial identifiers and 3 in emergency.

For the first time, the report also includes information about orders Apple received to remove apps from the App Store. In such a case, these requests may be based on suspected violations of local law or the app store's own bylaws.

In all, Ma said it received 80 requests in 11 countries to remove about 634 applications from the App Store the vast majority were local orders, with governments requesting the removal of apps only in their regions.

According to TechCrunch, one of the biggest applicants was China, who requested the removal of 517 applications between July and December last year, just back when Beijing accused Apple of contributing to the distribution of illegal gambling and pornography apps there.

Apple said that in a future report, provide detailed information on App Store related orders for each region.