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Brazilian game will become cartoon on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network will debut an animation based on a Brazilian game later this year, learn more …

I do not know if you have heard the phrase: Brazilians only do not dominate the world because they do not want to, in my daily life I have heard several times, and there in the bottom I believe this popular saying (). Ability the Brazilian has to spare, sometimes lack conditions or opportunities, but with work and dedication we can get there.

cartoon-cartoon-studio-cartoon-network-pocket-trap-game-game-ninjin THE cartoon Network in co-production with Birdo Studio, Brazilian animation studio, will launch the cartoon Ninjin, inspired by the Brazilian game of the same name. The animated series will be based on the work of the studio. Pocket trap, responsible for the game Ninjin. Ninjin started out as a mobile action game for iOS platform in 2013, later winning in 2018 a continuation for consoles and PC. You can access the Steam version, by this link. Unfortunately for PC, there is only the Windows version and no ProtonDB (as of this writing) there are no reports of users who purchased and tested the game on Linux via SteamPlay.

The very frantic game with enemies bombarding you all the time and has as protagonists the rabbit Ninjin and the fox Akai, both ninjas. All this without losing that typical Brazilian humor.


I mentioned earlier that in ProtonDb there were no reports of other players, however, Ninjin has a Demo version, and at least on my Ubuntu 18.04, I was able to run normally via SteamPlay (just install and play). If you have been interested in the game, worth the test.

cartoon-cartoon-studio-cartoon-network-pocket-trap-game-game-ninjin-steamplay-steam-proton-linux-ubuntu Birdo Studio is located in So Paulo and is responsible for various projects. However, Disney's XD series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny and Vinicius & Tom: Funny by Nature may be the best known among Brazilians. The characters who star in the series Vinicius & Tom are the mascots of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

You can watch every series directly on the channel Rio 2016 on Youtube. We can expect a level of quality with this partnership between Cartoon Network and Birdo Studio, that the Ninjin animation will be very successful. Its debut date is set for September 4 on the Cartoon Network paid channel.

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