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Brazilian game for macOS and iOS puts a realistic auto-racing on your screen

Last month we talked about Vector Race: Toy Car Track, a Brazilian game that simulated the basic experience of the late autorama. Well, it seems that there is a wave of nostalgia among national developers, because today we will talk about another title with the same basic idea but with a much more complex and realistic proposal.

Developed by QUByte Interactive, So Paulo-based studio, HTR + Slot Car Simulation A game for iOS, MacOS and Android that brings you a very detailed perspective on the art of driving your strollers on a slide show and racing with your friends.

We have here a trolley configurator with over 240 different configurations, as well as 20 tracks with three difficulty levels and a built-in track editor plus the ability to create and share your own tracks with loopings, jumps, intersections, and high and low speed curves. We also have an online scoreboard and the possibility to create tournaments over the internet.

Note also the graphic detail of the game, which faithfully creates the tracks and gives them a very realistic atmosphere, in scenarios such as arcades, cities and deserts. It's good to note that the multiplatform title, ie its highscore and clues created on iOS will work normally on macOS and Android.

HTR + Slot Car Simulation for iOS can be purchased for free from the App Store, with in-house purchases that unlock the full experience. The Mac version, in turn, costs $ 53. It is worth checking!

HTR + Slot Car Simulation app icon

HTR + Slot Car Simulation app icon