Brazilian court closes lawsuit against Uber

Brazilian court closes lawsuit against Uber

Less than a week ago, we reported that the Uber it had been suspended by Brazilian justice after a process opened by the Union of Drivers and Workers in Taxi Companies in the Municipality of So Paulo (Sintetaxi). The service arrived in Brazil in the middle of last year.

Today, the process has already been filed.

Uber in Brazil

From a press release published by Uber:

The Justice of the State of So Paulo today closed the process initiated by Sintetaxi-SP. The lawyers responsible for this process have already used this same material on two other occasions, on behalf of other taxi associations, and have failed. With this decision, the court revoked the injunction that determined the suspension of the company's operations and the withdrawal of the Uber app from the app stores. Uber continues to offer its services to Brazilian users and reinforces its commitment to creating 1 million business opportunities in the world in 2015.

Competition good and I like it. Alive!

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(via Reuters)