Brazilian Carousel Camera application records “no position” videos

Snapchat may have fallen into oblivion quickly, but at least one indelible mark has left it in the world: the popularization of upright videos, later copied adopted (and further popularized) by Instagram and the tools of Stories from every social platform you can imagine.

The phenomenon has caused problems: now nobody knows what the “right” way to record a video is. Some say the vertical format most appropriate for the human figure; others claim that the traditional widescreen more realistically reproduces our vision. But what if there was a way to record videos where there was no right position?

This is the Brazilian application proposal Carousel camera.

Carousel Camera app icon

Designed by developer Rafael Costa and designer Victria Franco, from dot, the app has a proposition, let's say, different: record videos with “agnostic position” ie with a little help of accelerometer / gyro, you can move and rotate your iPhone as long as you like and the picture will continue “standing”.

Carousel Camera app for videos with no position defined

This is because the app uses a circular video format that fits in any orientation if you want to see the full frame, just touch a button and the original video will be displayed horizontally or vertically.

Naturally, by “cropping” part of the resolution to create the circular shape, Carousel Camera captures videos at a slightly lower resolution than the native ones offered by the handsets. 4K recording support iPhones generate files at 1215p (2160 × 1215 pixels); those limited to 1080p footage, in turn, generate 607.5p files. It is a small loss of quality to provide a unique visual appeal.

Carousel Camera is available for free on the App Store and has a $ 4 in-app purchase option that enables you to export video files in any aspect ratio for posting and editing on external services or applications. It is worth checking!