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Brazilian Biking app connects cyclists to events, opportunities and other cyclists

The universe of cyclists often covered by sports websites and apps, but we rarely have an app dedicated solely to bike lovers and related activities that run a national app. That's why the arrival of the Biking so significant.

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The app by the brazilian developer Matheus Becker (which has already appeared here with Rodeeando), recently debuted on the App Store with a simple proposition: to connect cyclists to other cyclists either at events, classified ads or photos of the most diverse circuits and maneuvers possible.

We have here an area of ‚Äč‚Äčevents in which organizers can, free of charge, disclose their rides, races, championships and other events related to the world of cycling. The app even has built-in tools for weather forecasting and day temperature, so that You include this information in your post.

The app also has a classifieds area, in which users can advertise activity related products (also for free) or look for that bargain for an item they need for their pedaling.

Biking also has a gallery section, so you can post your best bike photos, races and achievements and see, of course, the content published by other users. Finally, it is possible to follow cycling channels from all over Brazil to always be informed about the main news of this universe.

You can get Biking for free from the App Store. If this is your world, enjoy!