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Brazilian app teaches children about endangered species

Among the thousands of games and apps with content not much, say, constructive, it is good to have some options on your iPhone so that children have access to a little more information and educational content. The app Animals on the planet, from the brazilian developer Leonardo AmoraIt's a great option for that.

With a refined look, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe app is to present animal children from all over the world. We have here a clear purpose of bringing new generation a deeper understanding of extinct specimens; So far, there are 16 endangered animals that can be explored according to their place on Earth, from Arctic polar bears to elephants in the savannas of Africa.

Animals on the Planet app icon

The app has a "Book of Knowledge" full of additional information about the species, such as technical terms and data about each of the animals; When children are very keen on knowledge, they can take a quiz with over 30 questions related to each theme.

We also have a tool by which small users can take photos of their virtual trips, documenting discoveries and recording special moments.

Animals on the Planet costs $ 10.90 on the App Store and in the internal purchases account the model includes all the content with this simple initial purchase, and Leonardo promises to add new animals, games and languages ‚Äč‚Äč(we currently support Portuguese, English and Portuguese). Spanish) in future updates.

It is worth taking a look!