Brazilian app is awarded by Google

During Google I / O 2019 several apps were awarded by the search giant, and a Brazilian app was among the winners.

The annual developer conference, Google I / O, as well as introducing news from Android Q and new Google devices. It was also the venue for innovative awards and applications. Among several applications, one app Brazilian company stood out and was one of the many contemplated by the company.

google-app-application-brazilian-hand-talk-translator-text-audio-pounds Among the 20 apps selected by Google to receive $ 1.25 million (about $ 5 million), O app Brazilian Hand talk, was one of the winners of the Google AI Impact Challenge.

Responsible for the Hand Talk app ("we talk"), the eponymous company will receive credit and many more benefits. Google will offer personal help with artificial intelligence, Google Cloud consulting, and insertion into its Google Developers Launchpad acceleration program.

But what's so special about this app?

The Hand Talk app provides accessibility and ease when learning Brazilian Sign Language. Being a Portuguese voice and text translator for Libras.

Using a 3D avatar, Hand Talk analyzes text or audio and turns it into Pounds. Or listeners can use the app to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing friends or family. Another interesting aspect of the app is its add-ons like:

  • Dictionary;
  • Videos teaching the signals according to each area (for example computer science);
  • The ability to send a Gif with the message in Pounds;
  • And much more…

google-app-application-brazilian-hand-talk-translator-text-audio-dictionary-tips-pounds For the hardest working the use of app You can go beyond, helping with language learning. And honestly it would be great news for schools to adopt the application and create matrices about our sign language, after all it is recognized in law as the second official language of the country and should be taught in all schools (LAW 10.436 / 2002).

Libras allows the interaction between listeners, the deaf and the hearing impaired, providing engagement in the world in which the individual lives, making them citizens with rights, duties and responsibilities.


Google's challenge rewards organizations that come up with innovative ideas that address everyday problems and situations. In total there were 2,602 inscriptions of 119 countries.

What did you think of the app? I knew it for some time, but I confess that it has evolved a lot and that with the encouragement of Google can grow even more and foster debate in our country.

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