Apple on Black Friday

Brazil will not be on Apple’s Black Friday, but Portugal will be

A little more in advance than usual, Apple announced its promotion for one of the most fervent dates in American (and several countries) commerce: sexta-feira Negra.

As in previous years, the Apple Online Store will offer gift cards with a specific value that customers can use for their purchases; in the United States, “discounts” may reach $ 200; in Portugal, up to € 200. The offer will occur Friday (11/29) up until Monday (2/12), date also known as Cyber ​​Monday.

Apple on Black Friday

The exact details of the discounts have not yet been announced. Apple says that the values ​​of gift cards will vary depending on the products purchased; therefore, not everyone will receive the maximum amount of the aforementioned discounts – it is also likely that some products are ineligible for the offer.

There may also be a limit on the use of these discounts: in 2018, they were two cards per category of eligible product. Furthermore, for the first time the Apple sexta-feira Negra in the USA promotes the Apple Card, with which users can get up to 3% of Daily Cash in your purchases.

In addition to the USA and Portugal, the Apple shopping event will take place in several other regions of the world, such as the United Kingdom (with gift cards up to £ 160), several countries in Europe (as we speak, up to € 200) and in Canada (up to C $ 280).

At the Brazilunfortunately, once again Apple decided not to make the offer (and in any other country in Latin America, by the way), so no discounts here.

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