Smartphone market grows in Brazil, but not for Apple

Brazil, sil, sil! Our country continues to sell the most expensive iPhone in the world

Definitely and put a huge emphasis on the word that is not new. But our obligation to comment, to always remember this title so desired and important. Ready? Let's go: o Brazil again managed to be first in the list of countries that sell the most expensive iPhone in the world!

We talked about it in 2008, in 2012, in 2014 and we are again to inform you that, according to a study by Deutsche Bank, our beloved country still leads this ranking with ease.

The bank's research actually encompasses several products, but the Business Insider he only shared the study involving the iPhone (why the bank also chose to use the model 6 instead of the 6s, we don't know either).

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The price in dollars has actually been falling slightly in Brazil over the past year as the local currency, the real, has appreciated by around 10% against the dollar. But the iPhone 6 still sells for a dizzying 56% more than its price in US dollars (in the USA).

good to notice, like the 9to5Mac recalled, that these prices most likely reflect import tariffs, sales taxes, as well as currency differentials all factors over which Apple has no control. What certainly has a direct impact on the final price of the device and the company's responsibility is its high profit margin, but that, at least for now, does not seem to change.

Congratulations to us! #sqn