Brazil leads in the use of social networks between companies

Companies are increasingly using social networks as a way of approaching the customer. Facebook and Twitter are the most used tools, as shown by a McAfee study – commissioned from the American university Pardue – which indicates that 75% of companies have already internalized these Web 2.0 tools.

Although adoption varies by region, Brazil leads in a table that includes the analysis of 17 countries, which does not include Portugal. According to the report, 90% of Brazilian companies use these tools, a percentage similar to that identified in Spain and India.

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In this analysis, three out of four companies globally guarantee that they are getting financial return from these applications. This value rises in Brazil where nine out of ten companies assume they are making a profit, the same index registered in India, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico.

The McAfee report also reveals that Brazil and India were the only countries included in the study where companies said they were being pressured by the market to adopt tools like Facebook and Twitter in their business activities. 58% of Brazilian companies admit that their consumers demand the use of Web 2.0 applications.

In another aspect, the same report goes on to say that despite using social networks as business platforms, companies do not like their employees accessing Facebook and Twitter during work hours.

Access is even blocked by almost half of the companies surveyed, with a predominance in Italy and Spain, where more than 60% restrict access.