Brazil is the western country most addicted to …

Glued to the screen: Brazil is the western country most addicted to ...

The Brazilians are the westerners who spent the most time on cell phones in 2018, according to the report The State of Mobile 2019, performed by AppAnnie.

The study, which analyzes the largest markets mobile worldwide signaled that, average we spent 3h10min using apps.

Average hours spent on cell phones by country in 2018.

Source: The State of Mobile 2019 (AppAnnie)

The number may seem small, at first glance, but places the country in the 5th world position, only for behind more populous countries or with a higher proportion of devicessuch as Indonesia (4h), Thailand (3h45min), China (3h35min) and South Korea (3h30min).

Brazil ranks 1st among Westerners, and it even surpasses bigger markets, like Canada (2h50min) and the USA (2h40min).

Even the India (2h45min), indicated by Boston Consulting Group like the country most addicted to cell phones in 2013, was dethroned by Brazil.

Students at the Chinese university in Zhengzhou participate in “technological detoxification” sessions.

Source: CEN

This has a logical explanation.

According to the same study, the divides this time between an average of 33 applications Android phone, adding more than 95 billion hours in apps social networks and communications (35% more than in 2016) and around 22 billion hours in apps streaming (135% more compared to 2016).

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