Brasileiro Brazilian R $ 60 million supercomputer shut down due to lack of resources

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One of the most expensive scientific projects ever funded by Brazil is threatened by the economic crisis. This is the Santos Dumont supercomputer, the most powerful machine in Latin America, which had to be turned off because there is no money to pay the electricity bill. The device is located at the National Laboratory for Scientific Computation in Petrpolis. Per month, the computer spends up to $ 500,000 in electricity, but the government has not readjusted the budget of the unit. With this, the price of the bills began to consume 80% of the laboratory resources, which makes the full operation of the supercomputer, which runs the risk of being permanently disabled.

Very sad. We even talked about this supercomputer in on Air # 169, which was attended by our gold boss Leonardo Fialho.

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