Brasileirão 2012 Apps # 11 Grêmio

Aplikasi Android: Aplikasi Brasileirão 2012 # 11 Grêmio

Our Applications Series of the Brasileirão 2012 will air this week and we will start working with Tricolor Gaúcho. Two times winner of the Brazilian Championship, in 1981 and 1996, Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense moves to the fifth round of the Brasileirão in third place and still disputes the quarterfinals of the Brazil Cup. Will the team from Luxembourg manage to remain among the first or even lift the cup in 2012? These answers we will have throughout the championship, however, the full coverage on the Immortal Tricolor you can find now in our list on the best Android apps of Grêmio, check out:

Grêmio SporTV

This application brings all the specialized content from one of the most respected sports communication vehicles in the country. All the coverage of SporTV about Tricolor Gaúcho through news, best moments, interviews, statistics of each player, classification, monitoring of live matches in real time and much more. This is the kind of app that will always be worth it, and best of all, it’s free.

Click on the image below to download Grêmio SporTV:

Grêmio Mobile

Grêmio Mobile is the evolution of Grêmio App for Android with new design and new functions. Stay on top of the team’s players, news, club tweets and follow the club on social networks, as well as locate the stadium where the match will be played via Google Maps and check in at the stadiums on match days via Foursquare .

Click on the image below to download Grêmio Mobile:

Grêmio Live Wallpaper

The Grêmio Live Wallpaper app comes with 12 possibilities of animated wallpapers, with which you can personalize your smartphone with different images with just one touch on the screen. You customize your mobile device for the cost of € 0.81, about R $ 2.00. Check out:

Click on the image below to download the Grêmio Live Wallpaper:

Grêmio Watch

This app is a free widget that should be added to your main screen as an Android widget. It runs on Android 2.1 or higher and gets 4.4 on the market.

Click on the image below to download the Grêmio Clock:

Grêmio Live Wallpaper gratis

This is a free application where you find Tricolor Gaúcho wallpapers in 3D, animated and the best, you don’t pay anything for it.

Click on the image below to download Grêmio Live Wallpaper for free:

Guild Widget

Grêmio Widget is a very interesting app, since it is a widget that shows the data of the next matches of Tricolor and still notifies the user one hour before the games, so you do not miss any matches. Stay on top of the days, times and locations of the games through this application.

Click on the image below to download the Grêmio Widget:

Gremio fans

Supporters always want to know everything about the team, right? With the Torcida do Gremio app you can keep informed about Tricolor through exclusive news directly from the site

Click on the image below to download Torcida do Gremio:


This is the official application of Grêmio for the Android platform and brings the latest news, the dates of the next games and past games, as well as the complete list of players. Currently the application contains the following features: news, games list, official tweets from @gremiooficial, tweets from the social network and fans, the list of players and information.

Click on the image below to download GrêmioApp:

Each of the 20 teams participating in the Brazilian Championship A series will be awarded at least one Android application in a sequence of articles that runs until the end of this week. Access also: