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Brand new MacBooks Pro will be available later this year with an OLED screen above the keyboard and Touch ID

Those looking forward to a radical upgrade in the line of MacBooks Pro may begin to hope that analyst forecasts Ming Chi Kuo, KGI Securities, be right.

Kuo said today that Apple is preparing for the second half of this year (perhaps only for the fourth quarter) to launch new MBPs with thinner and lighter 13 and 15 inch models, but also including big news with a new screen / row. Above the keyboard by replacing the physical function keys (Esc, F1, F2, F3), Touch ID sensor, USB-C port (s), Thunderbolt 3 interface and more.

The proposal for a row of OLED keys is interesting because it would allow this keyboard area to become dynamic. For example, MBPs today have no dedicated key to call Siri because it has not yet reached OS X. When this happens, a software / firmware update would be enough for Apple to add a new Siri key to that toolbar. OLED

The rumor about Touch ID coming to a Mac is also curious, as it has recently been talked about the possibility of Apple using the iPhone's own sensor integrated with the computer. But obviously, not everyone who uses Mac has an iPhone.

To further reduce the thickness of the new MBP, Apple would be considering adopting the same ?butterfly? key mechanism that it launched on the 12-inch MacBook.

13-inch MacBook?

In addition to new MBPs, Kuo also cited the arrival of an alleged new 13-inch MacBook It's a size very close to 12 inches, in my opinion. If it were to extend that line, it would make more sense to have a smaller one (say 10 inches) or one at least 14 inches. Unless this new 13 inch model comes in the future to actually replace the 12 inch

The analyst still believes that Apple keep the line of MacBooks Air as its entry models in the laptop segment.

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