Brand Finance: Apple's brand value drops for the first time in years and Google takes back the lead

THE Apple may have just released the best quarterly result in its history, but at least in brand value (nothing to do with revenue, profit or market value of the company itself) it dropped from 2016 to 2017, the first in many years, according to Brand Finance.

Since 2012 Apple was at the top of the ranking, whose first position has now been resumed by Google:

History of brand values ​​(Brand Finance)

From last year to c, the brand of Google went from US $ 88.2 billion to US $ 109.5 billion and is now the only one among the first in the Brand Finance ranking with “AAA +” classification. THE Apple comes in second, dropping from $ 146 billion to $ 107.1 billion, with an “AAA” rating. Soon after, leaning against it, is Amazon which grew from $ 69.6 billion to $ 106.4 billion, with an “AAA-” rating. Close the Top 5 The ATT (US $ 87 billion, “AAA”) and the Microsoft (US $ 76.3 billion, “AAA”).

The full report, entitled “Brand Finance Global 500 2017”, can be seen in this PDF.

(via Apple World Today)