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Brain Ag Test | AndroidPIT

Are you skeptical about how your latest memory works for whatever reason? Maybe getting the brain in shape could be a solution to this little problem. Brain Ag Test promises to be the app to help you in this endeavor by unfailingly testing your mental age. Want to know more about this interesting proposal? It's time to keep reading our review.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.1.1Root: NoMods: None

The Brain Ag Test shows, through the millions of downloads made on the Play Store, that an app respected by the Android community. At least in terms of the proposal of its developers. Its size approaches 1.8 MB and the only permission the app requests for Internet access. The principle of the game is really quite simple: a number displayed in a circle on a screen that looks like graph paper. The following other numbers are hidden. The player will have to guess their correct order of appearance by clicking on the circles that vary in size, respecting their order of magnitude (from smallest to largest).

In the early levels of the game, only two or three circles are displayed. Already in more advanced stages, you will have to guess up to eight circles. Memorizing the sequence of numbers in the shortest possible time is not the easiest task. Number 0 is the first in the series, so be sure to include it in the sequence.

There are two game modes: one specially designed to check your age and one for fun. To continue the test, you will need to make less than three errors per level. Once the challenge is completed, the app will come with the information of your brain age. Of course, you should not take this information as you need it.

In the diversion mode, you can make mistakes at will. Of course your score will not be the best, however. Moreover, the score achieved can be compared with that of other players over the Internet.

Conclusion:The Brain Ag Test is a very fun and interesting game, although its gameplay is somewhat limited. As we are talking about an app to pass the time, it cannot be so demanding of its complexity. We don't think the app is accurate to determine anyone's brain age.

Screen & Controls

The Brain Ag Test is very simple and does not need many in-depth explanations. Much of the game consists of memorizing the numbers that appear on the screen and then recreating the same order in which they appeared by tapping the screen. The only problem to be mentioned is that the next level, as not automatically activated, should be by the user.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Brain Ag Test worked very well and stably during our tests. We did not notice any issues with the app.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Brain Ag Test is available for download from the AndroidPIT App Center and free. Being free, banner ads are displayed and become naughty.

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