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Bragi, maker of The Dash wireless headphones, leaves the hardware market

Some of you may remember our review of Dash, one of the first fully wireless headsets to arrive even before the AirPods in 2016. From the beginning, the Bragi Dash maker said his goal was to revolutionize the market, but that no longer gadgets.

Bragi CEO Nikolaj Hviid confirmed to the Wareable that sold the hardware businesses of startup in addition to an undisclosed third-party buyer in March this year.

Even with the end of activities in the market, the executive explained that consumers will continue to receive support through existing channels and this will perpetuate even after the acquisition of the new owner.

Hviid also said that Bragi will continue to license its intellectual properties and artificial intelligence (AI) projects, but not manufacture new devices. Last year, Bragi announced a machine learning platform called Nano AI, on which it is devoting its efforts.

Bragi's technology suite is applied in addition to our own partner products and other headphone brands. Dash Pro has innovative AI and software that can be updated with new features from Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, language translation and custom audio.

With the launch of Dash, many companies (and users) turned their attention to wireless in-ear headsets, including tech giants. According to anonymous sources, Google was interested in purchasing Bragi technology for its own accessories, the Pixel Buds, but the deal did not happen.

of course all this hype turned partially (or mostly) to the AirPods at the end of 2016. Since then, Ma's wireless headsets have been snapping up more and more market share; at the end of last year, they accounted for more than half of their total sales gadgets in the world.