Bradesco’s “pure” debit cards gain compatibility with the service

Apple Pay: Bradesco's “pure” debit cards gain compatibility with the service

The last major expansion of the Apple Pay in Brazil involved the arrival of Porto Seguro credit cards (Visa banner). However, even today, taking into account the “pure” debt scenario, only Itaú cards were supported.

It is worth noting that PoupCard debit cards (both Visa and Elo) are accepted, as well as cards «Combo» (credit and debit from both Itaú and Banco do Brasil). But, as I said, when it comes to a “pure” debit card, only one bank was part of the party. Fortunately, that has changed.

The reader Lauro Garmatter informed us that he managed to register his Bradesco’s “pure” debit card. THE MacMagazine found out from several sources and confirmed that, in fact, it is already possible to register such cards (Visa flags) on Apple Pay – Elo flag cards were already accepted.

Bradesco debit card on Apple Pay

Neither Bradesco nor Apple have issued, so far, communications regarding the novelty. As always, there are two possibilities:

  1. The bank is expanding support tests for these cards and will block new registrations soon;
  2. Official support is really approaching and will be communicated very soon by the companies.

Regardless of the scenario, if you are a Bradesco account holder and have a debit card, register and share your experience in the comments below. ?

For those interested, we have a complete guide that basically lists all cards (credit and debit) compatible with Apple Pay in Brazil.