Complete guide: All cards accepted by Apple Pay in Brazil

Bradesco confirms support for Visa debit cards at Apple Pay; Will Neon be next?

This week, the first reported that the Bradesco's “pure” debit cards (Visa flag) finally became compatible with the Apple pay. However, neither Bradesco nor Apple have confirmed the news.

Today the MM got confirmation that support actually arrived officially. Bradesco's page disclosing Ma's payments service has been updated and now reads as follows about eligible cards:

Individual account holders with Debit, Credit and Multiple Bradesco cards of Elo and Visa brands are eligible.

The use of the card in the digital wallet is subject to Banco Bradesco's approval and eligibility criteria and the service may not be available for all cards.

Additional cards will only be able to provision via checking account application.

Yesterday, that same part said the following:

Individuals with Elo and Visa Bradesco Credit Cards are eligible.

Bradesco Elo Cards: It is available to debit, multiple and credit card holders of account holders and non-account holders, holders and additional.

Bradesco Visa Cards: It is available to Bradesco account holders, holders of Visa branded Bradesco Credit Cards, or individual savings account holders holding Poupcard Visa Cards issued by Banco Bradesco Cartes.

Next Credit Cards, multiple cards (with debit and credit function) from Visa, INSS cards and Salary Account are not eligible. Apple Pay is available for purchases at physical and online stores.

In addition to the inclusion of Visa branded debit cards, the bank suggests that additional Visa flag cards now they have also started to work on Apple Pay as long as the process is done by the checking account application.

Unfortunately, it is not yet this time that we saw the addition of the American Express flag (AMEX's Brazilian operation belongs to Bradesco).

Neon the next?

Some customers of Neon who are trying to sign up for their Apple Pay cards have come across the Terms and Conditions of Use as disclosed by @PayNewsBR, something should only appear for eligible cards that are supported by the payment service.

The appearance of this contract, as always, can mean two things:

  1. The bank is in the testing phase, preparing to become Apple Pay compatible;
  2. Official support is approaching and will be reported very soon.

If Neon does officially support Apple Pay, will he come alone? Or will we have more banks (whether digital or not) in this possible lead? Let's hope we get answers soon. 😉