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Bottle Cap Challenge: Meet the New Game That Succesful on the Internet | Social networks

The joke has erupted in the last five days and continues to rise in the networks, reaching its peak of popularity at dawn on Friday (05), according to Google Trends – tool that analyzes the trends of the internet. In Brazil, the search for the term "cap challenge" has been growing since this Thursday (04). On Instagram, the hashtag of the challenge has been used over 95,000 times, making it the leading network to popularize the game.

It is still unknown where the challenge arose, which has its origins in MMA – a martial arts modality. However, one of the pioneers to share the joke in the month of June was fighter Max Holloway, who was responsible for challenging singer John Mayer. Rumor has it that the game came up with Taekwondo champion Farabi Davletchi, but using a different hashtag.

With over 14 million views, actor Jason Statham was among the first to take on the challenge and help make it viral. After performing the game, successfully or not, the participant challenges someone else to participate in the game. Footballer Ibrahimovic and actor Ryan Renolds were other celebrities to top the challenge on their social networks.

In Brazil, several personalities from the media took the joke and tried to knock the cap off the bottles. MMA fighter Fabrcio Werdum raised the level and knocked down three caps with a single kick. The video was posted on his Twitter, another social network where the challenge was much shared by its users.

Youtuber Lucas Rangel also participated in the game and, unlike Werdum, showed a lot of difficulty to complete the challenge. The content creator shared on his Instagram his many attempts and the end result.