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Boston Dynamics robot monitors social distance during coronavirus pandemic

Singapore uses Spot, a Boston Dynamics robot, to patrol parks and reproduce messages about the importance of social detachment

Using the Spot the famous rob from Boston Dynamics, which imitates a dog, the Singapore government is testing a new way to monitor people who are not confined inside the home, with the intention of reminding them that it is necessary to maintain the rules of social distance even when they are walking the dog in the park.

At a time when the world is fighting the pandemic of COVID-19, it is necessary to ensure that people maintain the rules of social distance even when they are outdoors. But in many cases, setting a person up to do this type of monitoring is very dangerous, as it can increase the chance of exposure to the virus. That’s why some cities are turning to robs to solve this kind of problem.

Some cities in the United States already use robs and drones for cleaning roads and home deliveries for some time, but in Singapore the technology is being used to directly monitor the rules of social distance between people.

Boston Dynamics' Rob in the fight against the new coronavirus

O Spot no one rob of the automatic type, and it must be controlled by a human operator via remote control. Thus, through the cameras and the sound system installed in the equipment, the controller will be able to monitor the park from inside a security booth, and reproduce messages reminding about the importance of distance whenever necessary.

The first monitoring tests with robs take place in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, one of the most famous in the city of Bishan, for a period of two weeks and if it is a success, the measure will be extended to a larger number of cities and towns.

During these early tests, the Boston Dynamics robot will be closely monitored by a human guide, who will help park visitors get used to the idea of ​​having a rob walking among them and protecting the robot itself from attempts at vandalism. In addition, several advertisements have already been spread throughout the park warning about the tests and asking that no one try to tamper with the equipment.

According to the NPark (Singapore's federal government agency responsible for managing the country's parks), this monitoring will only be done to estimate how many people are on site and remind them to stay away from each other, and none of the robs used to collect personal data from visitors, or images transmitted to the controller will be used for the identification of individuals.

Boston Dynamics Rob The Boston Dynamics robot is also being used to treat COVID-19 at a distance

In addition to assisting population control of parks in Singapore, the Spot It is also being used by Boston hospitals to allow remote treatment of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 (the new coronavirus), and an example of how the robot's Boston Dynamics can be used for different uses in fighting pandemic.

Source: Singapore Government