Bose anuncia novos fones de ouvido sem fio com cancelamento de ruído por US$ 399

Bose Announces New Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones for $ 399

THE Bose announced this week the Noise Canceling Headphones 700, which promise exactly what their name literally means: "700 noise canceling headphones". Headphones are a high performance product with wireless operation and suggested price of $ 399.

For its price, the handset features top of the line features, as expected. Headphones feature touch-sensitive technology to offer volume and music selection adjustments without having to incorporate buttons that would compromise aesthetics. The idea is to have an almost unique, smooth and elegant piece.


The company promises that the system will be available by 2021 for cars with Bose Premium.

Noise cancellation is especially interesting because it has advanced technology to operate in different levels. They are options of "strength" in isolation and this is especially good for safety, allowing people to hear the environment around them when walking on the street, for example. Even so it is possible to turn off noise cancellation once and for all.

Headphones also come with microphones for use in calls as well as for communicating with digital assistants. Google Assistant and Alexa. There are four microphones specially positioned to be able to "understand" the voice of the user even in noisy environments.

A very distinctive feature in high performance headphones, however, has not much to do with music. Noise Canceling Headphones 700 comes with something called Bose AR which, amazingly enough, is an Extended Reality feature. Headphones feature motion sensors so that, along with your location information, they are able to understand where you are and offer location information if available. Something like a Google Maps right in the ears.

Taking advantage of the launch of top of the line headphones, Bose also presented the Bose Ear Buds 500which are in-ear headphones, also wireless and much more portable. These, however, will only arrive at the end of the year, so they have not had their suggested price released yet.

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