Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Released for Linux on Steam

Has arrived! Borderlands games are now officially available for Linux!

Two super games released for Linux on Steam, one of them at a pretty buddy discount for release, these are the Borderlands series games coming to the Penguin.

Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel Released for Linux
Image: Steam

More big games coming to Linux, now the Borderlands franchise

Borderlands 2 on Linux

Borderlands 2 is a well-known game that sold many copies and was released in 2012 and now comes to Linux to reinforce the team of heavyweight games now running on Penguin thanks to Steam, to celebrate the release and make you open the wallet to Valve made available the game with a discount well buddy, for only 46 hours.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on Linux

This franchise sequel title right after "Borderlands 2", the game has not even been released to any platform but has already gone on pre-sale including for Linux, the price is still half salty as any release, and the worst, perhaps it increases a little when the game is released, but anyway, there goes my money again …

Now the thing is getting serious!

Of course, great to see more games being released for Linux, good to see the large titles like Borderlands 2 and Metro Last Light for Linux, but what I would like to draw attention is precisely the release of the game. The Pre-Sequel from the series Borderlands, It will be one of the first times when an extreme game will be released to Linux while being released to Windows, this is indeed a milestone for the gaming industry, and what you can do to help foster it and do it. does this happen more and more? Simple, buy the games that are released and play them on Linux, if you are the type of gamer user this is no big sacrifice really? Hehehe

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