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Boost teamwork with Google Drive

Google Drive is an online storage solution offered by Google, with storage shared with several of the other tools on the platform, such as Google Photos. Check here how to use Google Drive to improve your team work!

Read on, find out everything about the tool and start using it right now.

What does Google Drive?

First, we will address a very important topic, which is the explanation of what the article platform is. Google Drive is a cloud storage service developed by Google, launched in 2012 and which has become one of the best in the business.

It allows its users to store on Google's servers, which are highly redundant, which results in never losing what is stored there. Plus, you can sync files across all of your devices and share everything you've uploaded to the servers!

There are several ways to use Google Drive for both personal and team use. It has a web version that can be used in any of the best internet browsers and various apps for Windows, for macOS, for Android and for iPhone, which allows you to use it regardless of the situation.

Currently, you can use it in two ways: with Google Drive on your own or within the G Suite package, a paid and complete version, fully integrated with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Gmail and several other tools that together allow groups of people to collaboratively edit files.

What teamwork with Google Drive

What does Team Drive Google?

A variant of Google Drive, Team Drive makes it easy to work together. It has several advantages for this, which will be listed below:

  • Add files: In Team Drive, all team members who have access tocollaborator or higher can add the files;
  • Owners of files: Files and folders belong to the team, not to an individual user;
  • Editing files: Having collaborator access or higher, it is possible to add files from your Drive to the team Drive. With Administrator access or higher, you can add or remove files and folders from Team Drives;
  • Synchronization: it is possible to use only the Drive File Stream for synchronization, not having access to theBackup and Sync;
  • Sharing: All team members have access to view all files;
  • Trash can: The files will remain in the trash for a period of 30 days. Members with Administrator access or higher can move files to the trash and delete them before the 30 days pass;
  • Restoration: Having Collaborator access or higher, it is possible to restore files.

It is highly recommended that this type of Drive is always used for teamwork, where files are of interest to all members.

How to create a Team Drive?

In order for you to create a Drive to do teamwork, it is necessary that you have the G Suite package, in any version. With that, go to the platform home page, click"Team Drives"and then right click on"New", choose a name and click"Create".

Create a team drive Teamwork with Google Drive

You will now be able to add new members and define what access levels they will have.

Add people

Team Drives Convenes

To start configuring your team drive, you must first define conventions so that there are no conflicts in folders or files. They must serve the entire organization.

Conventions are of all types. For example, naming conventions so that everyone on the team can easily meet, project managers and the like.

Add files to the Team Drive

In order to be able to perform teamwork in Google Drive, it is necessary to add the files to be worked on. there are some conditions for this to be done:

  • You can add as many files as you want at a time;
  • However, you are not allowed to move folders from"My Drive" to"Team drive";
  • When moving files, the users you have shared with will still be able to access it (unless your Team Drive is exclusive to members);
  • Any file of yours can be added to the Team Drive, whether it is on your personal Drive, on your computer, on your smartphone or wherever;
  • If you want to move files between Team Drives, you must have Administrator access from the source Drive and Collaborator access from the destination Drive.

Add teamwork files with Google Drive

Differentiation of Team Drives

Finally, it is possible, and highly recommended, that you differentiate the team drives where Administrator. For example, you can add themes, colors, banners or photos to visually differentiate them.

What did you think of our guide on how to boost teamwork with Google Drive?

Leave your opinion on the article in the comments, saying if you already knew Google Drive for teams or if it?s new for you. Also, check out our guides on Google Translate, Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Maps, some of the other Google tools that are present in G Suite!