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BookBuddy app is great for anyone looking to control a large collection of books

If you are one of those who devours physical books, has a large collection and wants to monitor it all more efficiently, did you know that there is an app for that!

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O BookBuddy a book management application that gives you access to your entire book catalog anywhere and in a very simple way. Want to add a book to your collection? Just scan his barcode. You can organize your books into categories, make a wish list, mark some as favorites (for easy access) and add personal notes to them.

It is also possible to do searches both by words and by scanning the book code, sharing them by email, Facebook or Twitter, backing up your entire library through Dropbox, importing libraries from other services such as Google Books, GoodReads, LibraryThing, Shelfari and Anobii , assign labels to books, sort by any field, organize books in series, manage reading progress for each book, easily print information about selected books on AirPrint compatible printers, the list of resources doesn’t end!

One of the coolest things, however, the control you have over your books gives you to know exactly which books you borrowed and which you borrowed. And the best: the app is completely localized to our language!

Without a doubt, a great option for those who like to have all this information at their fingertips.