Book ‚ÄúDesigned by Apple in California‚ÄĚ begins to disappear from stores

If you have now arrived in the Apple world, you may not even know that the company, in 2016, released a book. Yes, book!

The book ‚ÄúDesigned by Apple in California‚ÄĚ covers all major Apple products launched since 1998, with the first iMac, up to the Apple Pencil in 2015. It also ‚Äúdocuments the materials and techniques used by the Apple design team during two decades of innovation‚ÄĚ.


At the time, it was widely commented that the book ‚Äď which summarizes Apple‚Äôs 20-year history in 450 photos captured by Andrew Zuckerman ‚Äď would be a tribute to Steve Jobs. With the departure of Jony Ive (head of the company‚Äôs design) at the end of the year, however, he also remains a portfolio of the designer with basically everything he helped create.

But why did the subject come up? Well, as I said, the book has been sold in the United States and in many other countries since late 2016 ‚Äď in Brazil, it landed in early 2017. Now, however, it has disappeared from the American Apple Online Store, as reported by 9to5Mac.

The page on the Apple website dedicated to him still exists, but the link to purchase from the Apple Online Store does not. Still according to the website, the removal comes after a long period of unavailability of the book in the USA. Now, everything seems to suggest that Apple has no more plans to supply the stock ‚Äď it is possible that it has printed a number of books and, since then, they have finished.

It is still available in some other countries like Brazil, Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, etc. In Australia and Canada, for example, it is already sold out.

If you thought about buying and haven’t done it yet, you better run. There are two sizes available: 26 × 32.4cm (for R $ 899 in up to 12x) or 33 × 41.3cm (for R $ 1,299 in up to 12x).

The price is salty, but in the USA the level was basically the same, since there they cost respectively US $ 200 and US $ 300 ‚Äď that is, the same Brazilian price taking into account the 10% offered for cash purchases.


‚ÄúDesigned by Apple in California‚ÄĚ

in Apple

Cash price: from R $ 809.10Installed price: up to 12x R $ 74,92Description: book with photos of Apple productsLaunch: November 2016

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