Bonjour is a smart alarm clock that has a built-in virtual assistant

Began two days ago (25/10), a project in the Kickstarter that perhaps you had already imagined something similar in your technological daydreams, but it had not yet become real: the Bonjour, an intelligent alarm clock with a built-in personal assistant.

Bonjour Alarm Clock

I believe there is no being in this vast world who loves to hear those loud and annoying alarm clatter noises and any good mood we will have on waking up the moment you hear them. Bonjour is called an alarm clock for the purpose of trying to wake you up by talking to you without a doubt, a much quieter option. From the video, I could tell the intelligence of the assistant, who responds to the woman who is not a good day to “sleep for 5 more minutes” since she would have an early meeting.

Created by the French group Holi, Bonjour is much more than just an alarm clock. With the help of an apparently more advanced virtual assistant than the ones on the market (Siri, Alexa and Cortana), he accesses traffic information via Wi-Fi and indicates the best time to leave home. In addition, it accesses your calendar and integrates with various services like Spotify, Uber and other devices besides health apps like Fitbit, Withings, Google Fit, etc.

Bonjour Alarm Clock

Bonjour also connects to various smart devices in your home such as Nest cameras, Philips Hue lamps and even Amazon Echo so the assistant can warn you if your door is open or if any are appearing in front of you. home. If you think that's just it, Bonjour is also a kind of more technological mailbox, allowing other people to leave you messages to be broadcast by the assistant.

Bonjour Alarm Clock

If that were all that would be fine, but Bonjour has one big difference: the assistant's ability to understand conditional sentences. That is, you can ask her to wake you up only * if * the weather is good; If the weather is bad / rainy, the alarm will not sound and you can sleep a little longer.

Bonjour was launched on Kickstarter just two days ago with a goal of $ 50,000. The proposal is so interesting that the guys have already gotten 1,080 supporters and a value that exceeds $ 130,000! If you want to purchase it, you can start a contribution from $ 109 until December 5 (39 days), when the deadline expires. Delivery of the device, however, is scheduled for June 2017.

(via The Next Web)