Blue launches cheaper version of Yeti USB microphone for Macs and PCs

Blue launches cheaper version of Yeti USB microphone for Macs and PCs

THE Blue is known for its professional audio equipment and also for its line of home USB microphones, some of YouTubers and podcasters Worldwide preference is, incidentally, one of the main reasons for Logitech's acquisition of the manufacturer a few weeks ago.

Blue is now introducing a smaller, cheaper version of its flagship Yeti microphone. This the Yeti Nano:

Yeti Nano, Blue's new USB microphone

With a similar design, but about 6 centimeters shorter and almost half a kilogram lighter than the traditional Yeti, Blue's new creation still brings much of the technology and features that made the company's flagship product so popular. The metal body has adjustable angles and internally we have two condensing capsules and 24-bit / 48kHz recording support for professional looking (or sound) capturing at any time.

We have two recording modes, cardioid (which captures a single source from one direction) or omnidirectional (which captures all sounds in 360 and is for group recordings, for example); As with the larger Yeti, there is also a mute button and headphone jack for volume control, so you get instant feedback from sound capture.

The USB connection plug & play and brings zero latency, working with Macs or PCs indistinctly; Blue also offers accompanying software, Sherpa, which brings additional configurations and features one click away, as well as software updates for your microphone.

Yeti Nano is available in four colors (Shadow gray, Vivid blue, Red onyx and Cuban Gold) and goes out for $ 100, already on sale at Amazon's American store. Cool, isn't it?

via iClarified